Price Adjustments for 2018

Price Adjustment Going Into Effect January 1st, 2018

On January 1, 2018, Fullerton Tool Company will implement a modest price adjustment on our round cutting solutions to help offset the increasing costs of our raw materials.  The price adjustment, on average, will be below 2.5%.  A thorough price evaluation has been conducted across Fullerton's complete product offering.  Although many product lines will be impacted by this small price increase, there are also several product lines where list pricing will remain unchanged.  Pricing on custom tooling (specials and custom alters) will be adjusted through our normal quoting process (quotes are only valid for 30 days).  We are not changing the add-on price of our catalog and on-line alter service (corner radius, chip breaker, etc.).

Price Adjustments by Product Type:

  • End Mills - 2.5%
  • Drills - 2.5% (1500 Series Drills - 4.25%)
  • Reamers - 2.5%
  • Composite Routers - 2.5%
  • Keyseat Cutters - 2.5%
  • Saws - 2.5%
  • Burrs/Rotary Files - 0%
  • Countersinks - 4.25%
  • PCD Tooling - 2.5%

We, at Fullerton, are committed to continuously improve, innovate and manufacture quality tooling to provide the best total solution to our customers.  Our goal is to help you make more with our round cutting tool solutions – more parts and more profits!

Have any questions?  Contact our Customer Service department at or 800.248.8315.

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